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Culture and social etiquette in Luxembourg

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Banking in Luxembourg

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Mindful Mimi
Name: Mindful Mimi
Expert in: Expat Aunt & Uncle
Company: Not disclosed
Title: Expat Aunt
Personal Info: Mindful Mimi was born in Luxembourg but, as the daughter of Dutch expats, considers herself an expat more than a local. She is a working mother of two boys who are the continuous source of her creative approach to life. Mimi is also a writer, artist, blogger, photographer, initiator of Creative Workshops that bring creativity and innovation back to the workplace, and has started a project to bring the corporate world closer to charity.
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Latest questions answered by Mindful Mimi:

Dear Mindful Mimi,

I'll be starting a year-long contract at the European Court of Justice from the 1st July. I'd like to know which areas I should be looking in for a 1-bedroom apartment. I also want to avoid agency fees if possible - do you have any advice?


Read Answer by Oran on 18/05/2010

Dear Mindful Mimi,

I want to find friends who aren’t mothers and who like to travel and laugh. I would also like to find some locals who will speak French with me. I sometimes feel everyone here speaks to me because they want to practise their English with me instead of having a proper conversation with me. Please advise me!

[posted on behalf of] Claire

Read Answer by EditorLU on 14/04/2010
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Become an Expatica Expert and gain access and exposure within a whole new network of potential clients. Apply today and tap into the international community.
Dear Darren,
Good afternoon from Nepal!
Please, I am planning to travel to Luxembourg. But I am a bit confusion regarding the type of Visa. I am wondering if you could advise me as to which Visa to apply for.
Kind regards,
Read Answer by Alex
Hi Darren,
Thank you for taking the time to read my query.
I'm a Botswana Citizen and I want to live and work in Luxembourg. What is the best site, process or institution that i can use to get in touch with prospective employers? I have a Bachelors degree in Business studies with 6 years work experience in retail and business development. Unfortunately I do not speak fluent German.
Again many thanks.
Read Answer by IlseSwart
Hi Ipek, I live in czech republic and I speak just english and the czech language and, I intend to relocate to luxemburg. Please, is it possible for me to find and english speaking job? As a czech permanent resident, do l need a work permit to work in Luxembourg? Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Henry
Read Answer by stanley
Hi Darren,
Do you have an idea on where I could find the legal in-house training requirements for Luxemburger companies? (for example in France companies have to spend 1.6% of their yearly payroll in training actions for employees)
Read Answer by JulieBodin
Hello Ipek,
My hiring company of Luxembourg does not want to deal in Visa Process.
Do I need anything else from them beside the hiring contract?
As they want to hire someone who already has a work Visa for Luxembourg.
Read Answer by Kunal Ranjan
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Visas, permits and citizenship in Luxembourg

Visas, permits and citizenship in Luxembourg

Since 2008, the work permit and the residence permit (for third country national workers) have been merged into a single permit, the Autorisation de séjour. Since 2009, dual or multiple citizenship has been permitted.

Buying or renting a house in Luxembourg

Buying or renting a house in Luxembourg

Whether you decide to buy or rent in the Grand Duchy, here is our short housing guide, including a look at some of the areas you might want to live in.

The healthcare system in Luxembourg

The healthcare system in Luxembourg

Whether it’s finding a doctor or figuring out how to fill your prescription, we give you the basics you need to stay healthy in Luxembourg.

Banking in Luxembourg

Banking in Luxembourg

Here is a list of some of the many banks based in Luxembourg.